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Energy Audits

EMSA provides in-depth audits and analysis of your energy consumption. This service is particularly aimed at large consumers of energy.

Our analysis report details what activity and/or machinery/device is consuming the most energy and includes cost effective options on how to reduce consumption and associated cost.

Power Quality Analysis

EMSA has a range of options available to collect technical information from sites. Our proven experience in this field enables us to cost-effectively determine the correct monitoring equipment required for your particular situation. We also provide an installation service and a power analysis to identify any electricity quality issues.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

PFC aims to improve power factor and hence power quality, utilising capacitors to offset usually inductive loads. EMSA can calculate the most cost-effective sized unit and provide realistic Returns on Investment (ROI).

In the Essential Energy network area, demand charges are a considerable component of the electricity account for large market consumers and can be reduced to provide very attractive returns on your money spent.

However, PFC is not for every site, and EMSA can assess your site on an individual basis.

Demand Profiling & Management

Our Demand Profiling & Management options provide precise energy consumption analysis using real-time data to pinpoint anomalies and high-energy spikes of demand. EMSA then designs a Demand Management solution tailored to your specific requirements resulting in an increased capacity of your electrical system and remove the need to upgrade transformers and cables resulting in reduced network demand charges.

As demand charges vary between networks across Australia, EMSA ensures the correct network is taken into account.